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2020 Turkeyshoot Schedule



Moonlite Hunting and Fishing Club 
3655 Possum Path Road Burlington, KY 41005
(859) 586-9307


Turkey Shoot 
(Trap and Still Targets )

The shoots start at 12:00 P.M. and last until ? on the following dates.




SUNDAY, MARCH 22nd 12:00pm

SUNDAY, APRIL 26th 12:00pm

Still Target Shooting Rules
All guns will be gauged prior to each shoot, guns will be gauged at .678
36 inch maximum barrel length
No scopes allowed
Shooting distance is 30 yards
12 gauge guns only
Shells will be issued for each shoot, shells are size 7 1/2 shot
There are 15 shooters per round
The number of rounds depend on participation
A hole must go all the way through the paper target to count
In case of a tie the winner will be determined by the 2nd BB
If it is determined that a shooter is unfit to shoot then they will be disqualified
Judges decision is final

Prizes and cost of shooting
All Meat Shoots $4.00

Turkey or Bacon shoots 

Ham or Pork Loin shoots

(Prices are subject to change)  


Throughout the day you can also purchase raffle tickets for various prizes. 

* Free bean soup and there is other food and beverages available for purchase.