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Clubhouse Rules


  •               All members" guests must sign registration guest book.

  •               No profanity.

  •               No beer may be sold to minors.

                    No firearms or fishing equipment are permitted in the clubhouse.

                          "Moonlite Members Only" (Does not apply to non-members) 

  •                         All members that have a carry concealed permit shall be allowed to carry a concealed weapon into the clubhouse. 
                           Carry Concealed Permit must be on your person in order to carry in the clubhouse.  
                           There will be NO ALCOHOL CONSUMED when carrying concealed. 
                           If you want to show someone you gun, take it outside to an appropriate area. 
                           This does not permit Long Guns or Shotguns in the clubhouse. This is for Concealed Carry only!

  • ​                         Motion Accepted 12/20/2015

  •               No personal property may be kept in the clubhouse.

  •               Keep sink and kitchen areas clean.

  •               A $10.00 deposit is required when using outside grill, you must sign the book and clean when finished.

                     Upon cleaning of the grill.  $8.00 of your deposit will be returned. [Adopted 8/07]

  •               No bringing beer or soft drink coolers into the clubhouse.

  •               Children are not permitted to operate the television or VCR.

  •               The caretaker has the right to check membership cards and to oust any unruly persons.

  •               No fighting on Club property or properties immediately outside Club property. Anyone found guilty of this offense may be:

    .                    Fined - $99.00 maximum.

                         Put on Probation for one (1) year.

                         Suspended for one (1) year: not allowed on Club grounds.

  •               No one under the age of21 allowed in clubhouse after 11 P.M. without adult supervision.

  •               No one under 21 allowed behind bar.

  •               No one under 21 allowed to purchase alcohol from Club.

  •               Children may not be left unattended in the clubhouse while parents hunt, fish or competitively shoot on the grounds.                             [Adopted  1/04]

  •               Children are not permitted behind the bar at any time. [Adopted 11/04]

  •               Children may never play on the regulation size pool table in the clubhouse; children have an Air Hockey table on the porch                   on which to play. [Adopted 11/04]


Hunting & Fishing Rules


  •               Game fish only-no trap lines, jugs or bush fishing.

  •               Members, immediate family and their grandchildren when accompanied by their grandparent(s) may keep their catch.                            [Adopted 11/07]

  •               Guests follow the catch and release policy, with exception of the Fishing Derby.

  •               Only members, immediate family and grandchildren when accompanied by their grandparent(s) may hunt on grounds. No                           outsiders are permitted. [Adopted 11/07]

  •               No hunting is permitted during scheduled trap shoots in the garden area below the trap house. During modem gun and                         muzzle loading deer seasons, no target practice with rifles, pistols, muzzleloaders or slugs will be allowed. [Adopted 12/03]

  •               A red light in the shelter must be lit and flashing whenever you are deer hunting.

  •               Hunters must sign in with a specific time, sign out with a specific time and pinpoint their hunting location on the property map.                     [Adopted 12/03]

  •               Anyone not complying with the hunting rules adopted in December 2003 is subject to a fine. [Adopted 1/04]

  •               All hunting is prohibited from the shelter during deer or turkey seasons. [Adopted 5/04]

  •               When the red light under the shelter is flashing (which means there are hunters in the field), no firearms may be left on the                   shelter's tables nor within one hundred (100) yards of the shelter. [Adopted 6/04]

  •               If a member turns on the red flashing light to indicate he is going into the fields to hunt, all guns must be put insider their                      owners'  vehicles. [Adopted 6/04]

  •               DEER STAND USAGE: Signing in after 6 AM means any deer stand in the woods is open to any hunter member in the Club.


Trap and Rifle Range Rules


  •               A range master shall be appointed if two (2) or more people are using the trap, rifle, or still target ranges.

  •               No intoxicated persons allowed on these ranges.

  •               The range master must be chosen at each shoot and he will be responsible for conducting shoot and seeing that safety                         rules are complied with.

  •               Guns must be unloaded except on firing line.

  •               Guns must be unloaded when moving from post to post.

  •               No alcoholic beverages on firing line.

  •               Rifle and trap range will be policed after each shoot.

  •               Whenever people are shooting trap, the garden area / wooded area below the trap range is closed to hunting. [Adopted                        12/03]


Safety Rules


  •               Common rules of safety are to be followed.


Club Grounds and Campsite Rules


  •               The gate must be kept locked at all times. (Exception: activities open to public or approved by four (4) Board members.

  •               Keys may not be loaned to non-members.

  •               No firearms discharged in campsites or lake areas except as approved by Board.

  •               No handling of firearms or fishing equipment while intoxicated.

  •               Fishing and hunting licenses are required on Club grounds. 6, Speed limit on Club grounds: 15 MPH. Camping areas: 5                        MPH.

  •               No parking on dam or blocking roadway.

  •               No unlicensed persons may operate a car or truck on Club grounds.

  •               Camping is permitted in designated areas only.

  •               A member shall have one (1) camping lot 50' x 50', upon availability. A member must have Board of Directors approval to                      clear a new lot.

  •               Campsites shall be kept in a presentable condition at all times.

  •               Outside refrigerators must be kept locked.

  •               A campsite may not be used as a permanent residence.

  •               Members are responsible for the action of their children and guests.

  •               No littering on club grounds.

  •               Green areas (creek areas as you come in gate) must be kept open: no campsites or tents.

  •               All parties at the shelter are to be over no later than 11:00 P.M. and music at the campsites must be turned down to an                               acceptable level so it doesn't interrupt other members. [Adopted 6/07]

  •               No large explosive devices, homemade explosive devices or any device not recognized by the State of Ky. As a legal                            firework can be detonated on Club property by a member or guest of a Club member. A fine of $50.00 will be assessed to                    that Club member and they will be asked to leave the property immediately.

  •               A significant other may operate a Golf Cart of a Club member, if a $10.00 fee has been paid to the Club. Your receipt is                               your permit. The Club member is totally responsible for the operation of their cart by a significant person, and all Club                                 rules will apply to them as well.


Quads, Cycles, Golf Carts & Trail Bike Rules


  •               Riding on marked trails only. No cars or trucks on trails except trucks for wood cutting work detail.

  •               Only member, immediate family and grandchildren may ride cycles and trail bikes on club grounds.

  •               Kentucky state law must be observed for children riding motorized vehicles as to not to exceed the motor cc limitations.                             [Adopted 7/07]

  •               Children 16 years and younger must wear a protective helmet when riding quads, cycles or golf carts, [Adopted 7/07]

  •               5 MPH speed limit on roadways and graveled areas.

  •               Parking in designated areas only.

  •               Riding is permitted from 9 A.M. until dark.

  •               No riding is permitted during deer gun seasons.

  •               Riding is permitted from 10 A.M. until 4 P.M. during small game seasons.

  •               Donuts, wheelies and reckless operation on roadways, green spaces and parking lot will be considered violations.                                     [Adopted 7/07]

  •               Riding privileges will be suspended.

                      1st offense --- one (1) week.

                      2nd offense --- two (2) weeks.

                      3rd offense --- three (3) weeks.

                      4th offense --- Subject to suspension and fine.

  •               No riding of motor bikes, quads or golf carts during Club functions.


Lake and Boat Rules


  •               Swimming is Allowed in the lake, Children must wear Life Jackets.

  •               No boat is to be used without owner's permission and boat must be kept locked by owner.

  •               No small children in boats without an adult and life preserver. (See Kentucky Boater Safety Rules.)

  •               Boats kept at lake must be docked in designated areas and locked.

  •               Trolling motors only.


NOTE: Violation of any of the above rules will be turned in to Board member, in writing and signed. Violation of any of the above rules may result in a fine being levied against the violator or violator being suspended. [Revised 10/18/04]