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KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: THAT, JAMES HUMAN, President, ROBERT WHITE, Vice-President, JAMES RICE, Treasurer, JAMES SINGLETON, Secretary, and JAMES WILLOUGHBY, Corresponding Secretary, do hereby associate ourselves and our successors, and become a body corporate to be known as "MOONLITE HUNTING AND FISHING CLUB, INC." with the following rights and duties, to-wit:



The purpose and object of this club and the nature of the business proposed to be transacted, promoted and carried on by this club shall be to encourage friendly relations and fellowship between its members and the sportsmen in general, and to encourage and observe all the state and federal game laws and to promote efficiency and marksmanship, in the use and handling of firearms and to promote, foster and encourage the sport of fishing, and to promote efficiency in the use of all equipment incidental thereto; and, the organization has the power to purchase real estate for the purpose of constructing and maintaining clubhouse and range facilities to carry out the principal purposes of the organization.



The corporation hereby proposes the organization be named and known as the "Moonlite Hunting and Fishing Club, Inc," by which name it may contract and be contracted with, sue and be sued and conduct its business.



The principal place of business of said corporation shall be at 3655 Possum Path Road, Burlington, Kentucky 41005, and the name and address of its registered agent for service of process is Bruce L. McClure, 517 Madison Avenue, Covington, Kentucky 41011.



This corporation shall be a non-profit corporation and shall have no capital stock. Its principal source of income for operating expenses shall be from dues, fines and assessments of its members as set forth in its bylaws.



The affairs and business of this corporation shall be conducted by its president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, corresponding secretary, sergeant-at-arms and parliamentarian, which officers when elected by the members in accordance with the bylaws shall constitute its Board of Directors.



The Board of Directors shall have the power to make, alter, amend or otherwise change the bylaws of this corporation and shall, so long as it is consistent with the provisions of these articles, the bylaws, and the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, have the power to manage the affairs of said corporation.



The corporate existence of the herein organization shall begin upon the issuance of the Certificate of Incorporation and upon the filing of these Articles of Incorporation with the Kenton County Clerk. The duration of the corporation shall be perpetual unless sooner dissolved.



The following named persons are the present membership of the organization and are to be members of the corporation upon organization:

John Wingate, John Perry, Al Spizack, Howard Tustin, Ralph Huffman, Robert Faehr, Norman Decker, Earl Marcum, Jack Parsons, Louis Faehr, Ohmer Schlitt, James Willoughby, James Rice, James Human, Kenneth Kidwell, Herbert Isaacs, Eugene Marksberry, Charles Newman, Ray Faehr, John Feldman and Bud Torline.



The property of the individual members of this corporation shall not be subject to the payment of the debts and liabilities of this corporation.



In the event of the dissolution of this corporation, and after payment of all debts of the corporation, the remaining property shall be distributed to the Fish and Wildlife Commission of Kentucky to be used as a permanent park or game reserve as the Board of Directors may direct.



Amendments to these articles may be made by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the voting membership of this corporation present and voting at a meeting called for such purposes.






Section 1.       The regular meetings of this Club shall be held on the 3rd Sunday of each month at the Club grounds at 1:00 P.M., (Boone County) Kentucky, or at such times and places as the Board of Directors may from time to time designate. A Board of Directors meeting shall be held on the 3rd Sunday of each month at the Club grounds at 12:00 P.M., or at such times and places as the Board of Directors may from time to time designate.

Section 2.       When the regular meeting date falls on a holiday, that meeting may be changed to such time and place as the Board of Directors may direct.

Section 3.       Special meetings may be called by the President plus any other member of the Board of Directors.




Section 1.       The Order of Business for this Club shall be as follows:

Roll Call of Officers;

Reading of Minutes of Previous Meeting;

Communications; Treasurer's Report;

Report of Committees;

Unfinished Business;

New Business;

Good of Association;

Payment of Bills;



A Pledge shall be read at the start of each meeting as follows:

"To observe the game and fish laws of this State and encourage others to do likewise, that true sportsmanship may prevail; and to work for strict enforcement of these laws."




Section 1.       The officers of the Club shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary,

Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arms and Parliamentarian.

Section 2.       It shall be the duty of the President to call and preside at all meetings and perform all other duties usually required by the Office; and to appoint such permanent committees as provided for.

Section 3.       It shall be the duty of the Vice-President to assist the President as he may direct and in his absence to perform the duties of the President.

Section 4.       It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep a correct record of all meetings and read all communications that may be presented to the Club.

Section 5.       It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to keep a complete record in permanent form of all monies received and paid out, and give receipts for all monies received. He shall payout money of membership at the monthly meetings. He shall collect all dues for the Club and notify those in arrears not exceeding two (2) months from date due. He shall present a complete statement to the Club once each month.

Section 6.       It shall be the duty of the Corresponding Secretary to mail all notices and perform such other duties that may be required.

Section 7.       It shall be the duty of the Sergeant-at-Arms to keep order in all meetings.

Section 8.       It shall be the duty of the Parliamentarian to advise the Club on all matters pertaining to Parliamentary procedure.




Section 1.       The Club shall elect each year the following officers: President, Vice-President,

Secretary, Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary, Sergeant-at-Arms and Parliamentarian.

Section 2.       Officials holding office may serve more than one term in succession if re-nominated and any officer wishing to resign must give one (1) months’ notice.

Section 3.       All officers, upon retiring from Office, shall surrender to their successor, all monies, accounts, records, books, papers, etc., or other property belonging to the Club.

Section 4.       New officers shall be nominated by a Nominating Committee consisting of three (3) people appointed by the President at the first meeting in October.

Section 5.       Any person nominated for Office in this Club shall be a member in good standing.

Section 6.       The Nominating Committee will present nominations for the first meeting in

November. Vote will be taken during the December meeting. Officers elected will take Office first meeting in January.

Section 7.       Any member of the Club who is an employee of the Club cannot serve on the Board of Directors. [Adopted 3/03]




Section 1.       The membership shall be restricted to men who are interested in conservation of wildlife and natural resources. A valid fishing or hunting license of any state is required of each member. The license must be presented when paying dues.

Section 2.       The total membership of this Club shall not exceed seventy-five (75) members, except that sons of members may be accepted for membership through their twenty-first (21st) year even though such admission may temporarily cause the Club to have more than seventy-five (75) members. Sons of members will not require a sponsor as long as they enter the Club during their twenty-first (21 st) year. Retired members on Social Security, who are exempt from dues and workdays under ARTICLE VII shall not be counted toward the seventy-five (75) member limitation. [Revised 7/03 and 5/04]

Section 3.       Membership cards shall be signed by the President and the Secretary. New cards will be issued each year.

Section 4.       Associate members shall exercise all rights and duties of regular members except they shall not vote and cannot possess a campsite until regular membership is reached. [Revised 11-1-07 effective 11-1-08]

Section 5.       Members shall notify Secretary of change of address and phone.

Section 6.       Any member coming into the club, after March 1st 2015. Shall be known as associate member. Their Initiation fee shall be $200.00 (Two Hundred Dollars) per year, and their dues shall be $300.00 (Three Hundred Dollars) per year. This must be paid with Application. Total $500.00. Associate Members will be exempt from assessments their first calendar year.  (Revised November 2017)

Section 7.       An associate member may be considered for regular membership status only after a six (6) month period has elapsed from the date of entry into the Club. If an associate member fails to obtain approval for regular membership at the end of the six (6) month probationary period by receiving more than four (4) black balls, he shall be considered for full membership at the end of a second six (6) month period; if he is not accepted for full membership by receiving more than four (4) black halls, he shall no longer be an associate member of the Club.

Section 8.       Sons and Daughters of Members - Sixteen (16) years old are permitted to obtain a gate key and are allowed up to two (2) guests. Sons of members forfeit this right if they do not become a member within their twenty-first (21st) year. Daughters are permitted to use the Club grounds up until the time they marry. [Adopted 7-1-03]




Section 1.       A candidate for membership must submit an application signed by a member.

Section 2.       The candidate shall be voted on by the general membership by use of black and white balls dropped into a suitable container. Should the candidate receive four (4) black balls, his membership may still be approved upon a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board of Directors, If a candidate receives more than four (4) black balls, he shall not be accepted into this Club and shall not be allowed to submit another application for one (1) year after the vote and such vote shall be final for all purposes during that particular period of time.

Section 3.       A candidate for membership must be twenty-one (21) years of age or over. [Revised 7/03]

Section 4.       A candidate's application shall be read at one meeting and voted on at the next regular meeting of this organization.




Section 1.       Dues shall be due on January 1 of every year. Dues shall be $300.00 per year. A grace period of sixty (60) days will be allowed for payment after date due. Any member failing to pay dues within sixty (60) days or before midnight on the sixtieth (60th) day shall be terminated from the Club. [Revised 11/1/02] [Revised 2/07 effective 11/1/08]

Section 2.       Any member assigned to active duty in the Armed Forces shall be exempt from payment of dues and workdays. For purposes of this by law, reserve duty does not count.

Section 3.       Application of a new member shall be accompanied by his dues and initiation fee.

Section 4.       Each member must contribute eight (8) workdays per year or pay an assessment of $25.00 for each workday less than eight (8) days contributed. Workdays performed after December 1st will be credited to the following year. [Revised 5/04]

Section 5.       Retired members age sixty-two (62) or over or totally disabled members drawing Social Security and/or other pensions will be exempted from dues and workdays, provided they have been a dues paying member in good standing for a period of fifteen (15) years prior to their request for exemption. Widows of deceased members are likewise exempt from dues and workdays, if their husbands, had they survived, been exempt under the preceding sentence. Such members and widows of deceased members shall still be subject to assessments. The only club members exempt from assessments (monthly raffle tickets and music tickets) are retired members over the age of 75 who have been good-standing members for 15 years. The decision of the membership as to the eligibility of a member or widow of a member in continued eligibility for exemption under this section shall be binding. [Effective 1-1-03] [Revised 11-1-02]

Section 6.       Member's sons shall be exempt from initiation fees, provided they join during their 21st year.




Section 1.       These bylaws may be altered, amended or repealed only if two-thirds (2/3) of the Board of Directors approve such amendment and at least ten (10) days written notice to the general membership shall be given that said approval has been given by the Board of Directors and a majority of the members present and voting at a regular or special meeting of the general membership shall concur and that any bylaw change be submitted only once in any year.

Section 2.       Any suggested bylaw change must be mailed to members within ten (10) days of the Board of Directors meeting at which approval may be given. The written notice must contain the current wording of the bylaw as well as the proposed change to its wording.




Section 1.       Five (5) members shall constitute a quorum of any regular business meeting and no business shall be transacted unless this number is present other than for payment of bills presented at the meeting.

Section 2.       Four (4) members shall constitute a quorum for the Board of Directors.




Section 1.       Upon the case of death there shall be purchased a floral piece for any member of the Club, spouse, offspring or parent.

Section 2.       Upon the death of a regular member in good standing for that calendar year, the widow of such member may continue to enjoy the benefits and privileges of the Club, but shall not be entitled to vote, upon continued payment of dues and assessments, as in the case of regular members. The right to continue to enjoy the benefits and privileges of the Club in respect of her husband shall terminate in the event the member's widow remarries.

Section 3.       So long as the widow of a regular member has continued to enjoy the benefits and privileges of the Club in the manner provided in the preceding section, the sons of such member shall be eligible for membership under Article V., Section 2.




Section 1.       All funds of this organization shall be deposited in a Federally Insured Depository as the Board of Directors may direct. Such Depository is currently selected as Hebron Deposit Bank, Hebron, Kentucky.




Section 1.       There shall be no partiality shown in the Club. All activities shall include all members at all times.

Section 2.       There shall be no use of profane language while meeting is in progress, A fine will be levied against those doing so.

Section 3.       Any member who leaves meeting without notifying President shall not be allowed back into meeting and shall be assessed a fine not to exceed one (1) dollar.

Section 4.       A guest shall be allowed the privilege of attending one (1) meeting.

Section 5.       Any member convicted in a Court of competent jurisdiction for a game law violation shall have his membership automatically revoked.

Section 6.       Other than the two automatic rules of non-payment of dues [Article VII, Section 1] and game law violation [Article XII, Section 5]. A club member shall have his membership revoked by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Board of Directors and a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of members present and voting at the regular meeting, whereas habitual disregard of club rules and / or conduct deemed unacceptable has been established, Any club member charged with expulsion from the club will be given an opportunity to rebut charges brought against him, his family and / or guests. [Revised 12/05] [Revised 2/1/07]




Section 1.       Assessment of membership shall be at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Section 2.       Board of Directors in its discretion may refuse the privileges available to members of this organization to any member who has fines, assessments, or other monies owing to this Club.

Section 3.       All fines, assessments, or other monies owed this Club shall become due and payable at times dues are due.




Section 1.       Proceedings of this organization shall be governed by the now current edition of

Robert's Rules of Order except where they are in conflict with the Articles, Bylaws and special Rules of Order heretofore adopted by this Club or which may in the future be adopted.